• Aluminium Endmills, unique double coating
  • Aluminium Endmills, unique double coating, corner radius
  • Union Tool, CFB Endmill, Ballnose, 3 Flute
  • Union Tool, CXS Endmill, long neck, square type, 3 Flute
  • Cutting slots in hardened Steel - made easy
milling/cutting slots in hardened steel
'Cutting slots in hardened
Steel - made easy'

In the article, advice is given on the use of different machining strategies on tough or hard material. Trochoidal machining is discussed in some depth.
CFB Endmill cutting Video
CFB Ballnose Endmill best
for milling Steels & Titanium

The unique, 3 flute unequal pitch tooth design, eliminates chatter and improves metal removal rates. Watch the CFB
cutting tool in action.
CXS Endmill cutting Video
CXS Square Endmill best for
Stainless Steels SUS304

This long neck, square type endmill has a special flute design for high speed and harder milling. Watch the CXS demo of wave shape slotting.